Guardian’s CEO and Founder, Justin Biedinger joined the Stockton Police
Department as a sworn officer after serving 4 years in the US Navy Military
intelligence. With 10 years of active service at the Stockton PD under his belt,
Justin was forced into medical retirement due to an injury that was incurred in
the line of duty,

Justin decided to rejoin the force as a Background investigator. To Justin's
dismay, he learned the investigation process lacked any standardized
software, resulting in an inefficient system full of redundancies, labor intensive
tasks and flawed communication methodologies, which were not taking
advantage of today‘s technologies.

Justin set out to build a skilled and experienced team made up of law
enforcement officers, background investigators and supervisors, software
engineers, designers, business developers, and advisors. The
entire team is excited and honored to participate in a project that is
revolutionizing the way law enforcement agencies vet and hire officers,
ensuring the protection of the integrity of the profession.