Guardian Alliance Technologies Opens Platform to Private Firms Conducting Public Safety Background Investigations

Move helps Private Investigators Better Serve Their Public Safety Clients

February 19, 2020

Silicon Valley, CA (February 20, 2020) – Today, Guardian Alliance Technologies broadened their efforts to improve the quality of public safety background investigations by allowing private background investigation firms (PI) access to the Guardian Platform.

The Guardian Platform, a Software as a Service in use by public safety organizations across the country, was built with input from professional background investigators and is designed to streamline and improve the pre-employment background investigation process for public safety agencies of all sizes. The Guardian Platform provides advanced information management tools, including Artificial Intelligence used for social media screening, to help agencies conduct a comprehensive assessment of public sector applicants efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively, representing a quantum leap forward in conducting background investigations.

“Making Guardian available to PI firms is another example of how Guardian can help to protect the integrity of the law enforcement profession,” said Ryan Layne, CEO of Guardian. “Not only does the use of Guardian streamline the investigation process, saving precious time for the investigators, resulting in completion of investigations more promptly, it’s use has been proven to increase overall thoroughness and accuracy of investigations, further ensuring the overall quality of new personnel. In addition, use of Guardian provides investigators with the ability to eliminate a dangerous blind spot through use of our integrated social media screening features, which can significantly reduce the exposure to liability for their clients.” 

Fred Freeman, president of The Freeman Investigative Group based in Seal Beach, CA, states “Since my firm started utilizing the Guardian platform, it has completely modernized the investigative product for our clients and improved the quality of the investigations we’re conducting. Applicants have taken to the platform very easily, and we have identified issues that we would not have located without use of Guardian, which shielded our client from liability that they most certainly would have been exposed to without the use of this platform. Guardian staff made the transition exceptionally smooth, our clients are happy, and the minimal cost of the system has been easily absorbed by saving investigative time in review and report completion.”  

With this move by Guardian, any firm conducting public safety backgrounds will be able to direct applicants to Guardian’s Triage Center at no cost. In the Triage Center, applicants fill out their background information in Guardian’s proprietary Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ), one of the most comprehensive PHQ’s in the country. The Guardian Platform then generates a data-driven “Concerns Report” from information entered into the PHQ allowing investigators to quickly sort out which applicants qualify for a full background investigation and which ones don’t – without spending a dime.  

In addition, all PHQ’s submitted through the Triage Center are stored in Guardian’s National Applicant Information Center and can, therefore, be checked by other members of the Guardian Alliance Network investigating the same applicant(s) in the future. Among other things, that means a candidate rejected by one Guardian agency is not able to change their PHQ answers in secret in order to get hired by another.  

About Guardian’s Social Media and Online Screening Features

Guardian screens the entire publicly available web. Whether it is social media, web results, or paid subscription databases, Guardian can help identify problematic behavior among potential hires and current employees by analyzing publicly available online information. Our technology helps businesses identify thousands of job-relevant behaviors, such as racism or harassment, without exposing hiring managers to unnecessary risk or manual work, identify problemati behavior before it becomes an issue.  

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