Guardian Alliance Technologies Completes AWS Partner Transformation Program

August 26, 2021

Stockton, California – Aug. 26, 2021  – Guardian Alliance Technologies is proud to announce it has completed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Transformation Program (PTP), furthering the reliability and security of the Guardian Background Investigation Software Platform. 

Last year, Guardian joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) and participated in the AWS ISV Partner Path and PTP. Through the PTP, Guardian worked with leaders at AWS and solutions architects to accelerate the Guardian-AWS relationship through go-to-market strategies as well as taking a deep dive into Guardian’s technological infrastructure. During the 100-day PTP, Guardian completed the AWS Well-Architected Review and AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), and has now received the “Reviewed by AWS” badge.

“Guardian is already serving hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country, and we’re onboarding new agencies every day. That means more and more data is entering the Guardian ecosystem on a daily basis as well,” said Ryan Layne, CEO, Guardian. “System reliability, data security, and privacy are at the core of all that we do, and we work hard to ensure that our system architecture and policies comply or enable compliance with all applicable data security and privacy laws. We’re grateful for AWS having invited us to participate in the PTP. It would be impossible to overstate the importance and value of our relationship with them.”

According to Chief Jeff Brinkley of Mason City Police Department in Mason City, Iowa, “Any time we are considering technology that will handle sensitive data, the features and basic functionality are important, but they’re secondary to the importance of data security and our ability to operate in compliance with the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy. Without confidence in the security of the system, it is of no use to us. It has always been obvious to me that the folks at Guardian are dedicated to providing a product that is not only feature-rich, but highly secure and allows law enforcement agencies to comply with the CJIS Security Policy while using it. Guardian’s completion of the AWS PTP is an observable example of their ongoing efforts to maximize system reliability and data security and serves to further bolster our already strong trust in the Guardian Platform in general.”

In addition to data security, Guardian’s application supports the management and containment of possible Criminal History Information (CHRI) from the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC), which is governed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy. Therefore, Guardian has worked with AWS CJIS and solutions architects to ensure that its platform allows agencies to comply with the CJIS policy.

“By building applications using the AWS Nitro System and AWS Key Management Service , Guardian Alliance can enforce CJIS Security Policy required controls by securely encrypting their criminal justice information and limiting all access to the CJI to only those with access to the encryption keys. Agencies maintain complete ownership and control over their critical criminal justice data, and Guardian can easily demonstrate how their customers can comply with the CJIS Security Policy while using the Guardian Platform,” said Gerard Gallant, AWS Senior CJIS Program Manager, AWS.

About Guardian

Guardian Alliance Technologies provides cloud-based software to hundreds of agencies across the United States. The Guardian Background Investigation Software Platform is designed to drastically improve the process of vetting and hiring public safety personnel.

Use of the Guardian Platform enables agencies to complete background investigations far faster, and with more accuracy than ever before thanks to advanced data mining and management tools, time-saving automation for certain tasks, and artificial intelligence used for social media screening. All of this facilitates more expedient, high quality hiring decisions.


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