Guardian Alliance Technologies, Inc. Welcomes Joe Monroe to Advisory Board

September 9, 2021

Stockton, California — Sept. 9th, 2021 — Guardian Alliance Technologies Inc. announced that Joe Monroe has joined the Guardian Advisory Board where he will function as a Guardian ambassador to Campus Law Enforcement across the U.S. 

“I am excited about the opportunity to join the Guardian Advisory Board,” said Chief Monroe.  “As a law enforcement leader and Police Chief of a major university, I understand the importance of ensuring thorough backgrounds are completed to prevent hiring a troubled employee. Guardian provides the best solutions to assist agencies in completing the pre-employment background investigation as well as offers continuous workforce evaluation through their social media screening tool. As we work to transform the culture of law enforcement in our country, it has never been more important to have the right tools to hire and retain the right people.”

Guardian relies on input from its advisory board members to help better understand the unique pain points of the industry and to ensure that Guardian products deliver the maximum value to each segment of the market.  

“There are over 800 campus police departments nationwide of whom approximately 90% of them consist of sworn, armed officers who have the power to arrest,” said Ryan Layne, Guardian’s CEO.  “Campus police are very much part of the overall law enforcement universe in every community where they exist and there’s no question that Chief Monroe will be instrumental in helping us better understand their unique needs as we work to develop solutions that address their specific challenges.  We are honored to have him join the Guardian Advisory Board.”

About Joe Monroe

Joe Monroe was named University of Kentucky Chief of Police in November of 2009 following a three-year tenure as the department’s Interim Chief of Police. His police career began at Transylvania University Department of Public Safety in 1991 before joining the University of Kentucky Police in 1994. Monroe is the first Chief of Police to advance through the ranks at the University of Kentucky after starting as an officer. 

Chief Monroe took command of the UK department when it consisted of just 52 employees, and under his leadership it has grown to 191 employees and an $11 million annual budget.  During his tenure at the University of Kentucky Police Department, he has served as Patrol Officer, Detective and Patrol Supervisor roles as a Sergeant and Lieutenant, in addition to  serving as Major of Administration before becoming Chief.

Chief Monroe also was instrumental in the restructuring of campus safety units at the University of Kentucky  where he now oversees the operations of the police, security for UK  HealthCare facilities, campus security technology and several other units. Additionally, he leads the university’s Crisis Management Response team efforts. Chief Monroe is the longest serving Police Chief at the University of Kentucky Police Department since its inception in 1972. 

Chief Monroe serves as a course curriculum developer and trainer for the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Office for Domestic Preparedness training programs where his instruction has focused primarily on crowd management, incident command, sports and special event management training programs. Chief Monroe lectures and presents on these topics around the U.S. at training seminars and  conferences.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in medical management from Carson Newman College and is a graduate of the Department of Criminal Justice Training  Academy’s Criminal Justice Executive Development Program and School of Strategic  Leadership, in addition to the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Executive Development Institute and the FBI National Academy Session  # 220, FBI LEEDS # 71, LEEDA Command Institute. Chief Monroe also serves on the  National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) advisory board, the  Kentucky Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates and President of the  Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police executive boards. In 2018, Chief Monroe was  selected to serve on the State of Kentucky’s Wireless Interoperability Executive  Committee by Governor Matt Bevin. NCS4 awarded Chief Monroe the NCAA  Professional of the Year Award in 2019. In August 2020, Chief Monroe was named the  President of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police.

In addition to his lengthy law enforcement career, Chief Monroe is also part of the adjunct  faculty at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service since 2011, teaching in  the instructional area of sports and special planning and emergency response  operations. Additionally, he has been an instructor and consultant for NCS4, serving as  a facilitator for the development of NCS4’s Safety and Security Best Practices publication and as an instructor in the areas of crisis communications and risk management and  awareness. In 2019, Chief Monroe was asked to participate in the facilitation  of Interpol’s Project Stadia with NCS4 at Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France.

Chief Monroe is a firm believer in transforming the culture of law enforcement and  developed his own law enforcement command school that he hosts annually, bringing in  national subject matter experts. His program brings in law enforcement executives from around the U.S. and challenges participants in the way they think, manage and lead their  agencies. 

Chief Monroe has served as the Incident Commander for numerous large-scale events  and responses. In addition, he has served as the leader in the University of Kentucky’s  Emergency Operations Center managing crisis responses, mitigation and prevention for  the university, including its response to COVID-19.


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