National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) and Guardian Alliance Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

July 28, 2022

Stockton, CA (July 28, 2022):  Today the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) and Guardian Alliance Technologies announce the launch of their new partnership.

Both NAWLEE and Guardian agree that candidate hiring is the cornerstone of any law enforcement agency.  Hiring the right people is paramount to creating trust between an agency and the community it serves.

Guardian’s Background Investigation Software Platform provides tools that increase the efficiency of the background and hiring process. Automation of tasks saves time, and the robust screening helps an agency determine if an applicant meets the criteria to move ahead in the hiring process.  Recruiting and hiring is a priority and the offerings from Guardian can assist agencies of all sizes.

Guardian will feature NAWLEE and its members in a series of web-based panel discussions related to recruitment and hiring of law enforcement officers.  NAWLEE will also benefit from the anonymized applicant data that Guardian can provide.  As the only national association dedicated to advancing women in policing, NAWLEE has a vesting interest in learning more about the applicant pool. “Whether it be through our mentoring program, trainings, technical assistance or promotion of the 30×30 Initiatives, NAWLEE is continuing to develop strategies to advance women in the law enforcement profession. Having metrics that reflect how many women are applying to agencies, and understanding at what point they might be dropping out of the process can help us inform our offerings” said Kym Craven, Executive Director at NAWLEE.

“We are excited to partner with NAWLEE and honored to be chosen as their preferred background investigation software platform,” said Ryan Layne, CEO of Guardian Alliance Technologies.  “It’s incredibly rewarding for Guardian to be recognized by NAWLEE as the premier background solution for the profession and we look forward to providing continued innovation and insight in the area of advancing women in law enforcement.”


About Guardian Technologies

Guardian Alliance Technologies provides cloud-based software designed to drastically improve the process of vetting and hiring public safety personnel.

Use of the Guardian Platform enables agencies to complete background investigations far faster, and with more accuracy than ever before thanks to advanced data mining and management tools, time-saving automation for certain tasks, and artificial intelligence used for social media screening. All of this facilitates more expedient, high-quality hiring decisions.


About the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives

NAWLEE is the only national association devoted to advancing women in the law enforcement profession.

The NAWLEE mission is to serve and further the interests of women executives and those who aspire to be executives in law enforcement.

NAWLEE offers opportunities for women to advance their leadership, management, and administration skills and provides a platform to discuss all topics pertaining to the law enforcement profession.

NAWLEE also provides mentoring opportunities for women at all stages of their career, training and technical assistance on recruitment and retention, and is a founding partner of the 30×30 Initiative.


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